Icy Landing

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Pictures from the icy planet located in a far remote corner of a galaxy somewhere in one of the 10 to the power of 600 universes potentially living out parallel existences to ours.

Tropical Moonscapes

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Tropical Moonscapes


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Shades of light

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The other day someone commented that I’d have to choose and focus on one of my passions, that if I kept all of them, I would dissipate my energies and efforts. I had already given this question much thought in the past.

But every time I come to the same conclusion, ie that my life is whole the way it is; taking away a part of my life would leave me with the sensation of it not being complete. Dance, painting, coaching are all are different facets of one same thing.

The overriding desire to share and give back, both of which are as essential to life as their components. Just as one colour has many shades, these are different shades of my life purpose: to provide tools for expansion of one’s vision of life.

Mario Guerra


Brussels, 3 September 2013

Join the Adventure

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adventure01-010I see life as an adventure. For me, painting is part of life and hence also an adventure. There’s too much emphasis placed on talent. Anyone can sit down and produce the kind of paintings I do, you don’t need special talent. What you need is the will and decision to let go of preconceived notions: such as the one that says you absolutely need to be a Leonardo da Vinci to produce something beautiful. Talent is in my opinion vastly overrated. Mostly it’s knowing what you want to do with your energy and then focussing on a specific outcome. Picasso became who he was because he devoted most of his time to the love his life: painting. He wasn’t afraid to explore and to make mistakes. Success comes to those who practice a lot and don’t give up; those who are willing to learn from their mistakes rather than seeing them as failures.
Try painting, explore, discover you very own way of doing things, learn as you go along, don’t be afraid, you have infinite possibilities inside of you, you only need to access them and let them express themselves.

Earth view video

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Wybly paintings are a bit like Earth shots taken from a high altitude or views of our Universe as if you were floating through it, so I hope you’re ready for the trip (:=), I’m really excited to get this show on the road.

One thing is clear to me, what I create, painting wise, has esthetic value. But for online viewers, part of the experience which exhibition viewers have, goes lost: texture, depth, relief can be imagined, but not truly seen.

An idea on how to improve the situation came to me from a coachee. One thing led to another, and so, today I decided to shoot a new video showing you the paintings from both streetview and satellite view perspectives.

This video will be online tomorrow (27 August), so I really wish you loads of fun viewing and, please, share it with as many people as possible so they can also benefit from this experience. I think it’s a great and unique chance to view paintings differently. As a matter of fact, I haven’t heard of anyone else doing this (let me know if YOU have!)

See you guys,


Brussels, 26 August 2013

Buy a Wybly Painting

How to make a Wybly Painting: in 7 minutes

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“I believe creativity should be a part of everyone’s life. It’s part of life balance, mind hygiene, necessary for a balanced mind.

You can be creative in every domain of your life, be it cooking, in the garden, at work, making love, doing sports, solving problems, so it’s not only about arts.”

In the following two videos, I’ll give you a glimpse into my world by telling you in 7 minutes some of the secrets of how I produced the paintings you can see on this website. Beautiful combinations of colours, textures and patterns which seem incredibly difficult to reproduce at first glance.

I believe that everyone can create such paintings, that’s my firm belief. It’s just a matter of taking on board and applying some basic principles. You don’t need to be a master artistic technician and you don’t require any special talent. All you need is to watch the following two videos to give you a basic starting idea. Of course I’m not able to tell you all in 7 minutes, it took me 8 years to get from nil to knowing my technique, what works, what doesn’t etc. But I promise to convey some of the secrets I used in producing these results. And if you apply them too, you will be able to produce this  kind of result too. Of course, your painting will likely be totally different from mine because you’ll use different colour combinations, different patterns, etc.

Would you like to know how I made these paintings? Watch the folloiwng two videos (total time 7 minutes) which give you a free explanation on how it’s done. 7 minutes of your time.

Video 1: http://youtu.be/LnMV98l4MfQ

Video 2: http://youtu.be/Mtj15oKVgak

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